RAPT, Circus Startup

︎︎︎ Brand Identity
An industry with lots of heritage partnered with a new technology spin, RAPT is a brand all about reintroducing a genre to the mainstream. RAPT combines the traditional circus act with technology such as robots to replace animals, a playground for infant tech startups and VR/AR technology that brings the magic back home where it belongs. The circus industry has years of eccentric design under its belt ranging from costumes to atmosphere to names that excite the audience before they even arrive and that is where I started. The word rapture means an intense pleasure or joy and no circus has succeeded if they were unable to achieve that. As a dedication to that goal and nod to the history which has defined this industry, the name RAPT stood out from the rest. For the overall design it was important to take a step away from the traditional circus look while maintaining the playfulness the competition has. After research and many potential directions, nothing better encapsulated the ideas of magic, playfulness and fun than OP Art. Our eyes play tricks on us when we look in these images, so though technology is already suspending our beliefs of what is possible the brand supports that idea at the very core. The wheel does not need to be reinvented however, so from a vintage looking color pallet to a logo that is based off the flexibility of the human body, to the old timey circus dialect this brand was built to rise from what already exist in a rich history.