City of Clarkston, City Branding Concept

A small circle mile with lots of refugees and stories tell, The City of Clarkston needed a fresh brand update to empower and serve a small community. The identity logomark is built from symbols that represent community, government, residence, safety, and business which build to make a single tribal mark reflecting on the community Clarkston has. To better serve the community I felt that this brand should be ran and grown with the city, so the mark is able to be printed and traced with any material as long as its scannable. This leaves the brand open to anyone's interpretation as long as the mark resembles the original mark. The Logotype serves as the primary logo of the identity and functions to orient the deconstructed iconography of the logomark. It is a modified version of a font called young serif which is a youthful typeface with vintage flair and upward strokes emphasizing the cities moto: Moving Forward. Staying True. Colors that pop and a brand flexible to be customized for anyone's personal needs, this rebrand is built to serve for years to come.